'One Feline Year' Cat Calendar

Showcase | 14th July 2013

Over the course of a year and during my 'A Photo A Day' project, I took quite a few cat photographs... a lot of cat photographs infact. So many so that I thought I'd put together a calendar to show the life of a feline over one year.

The calendar is available to buy here. You can choose the month and year you want the calendar to start, so even if you are reading this post in 2050, you should still be able to get it.

'One Feline Year' features a collection of cat photographs, from paws and ears to cats sleeping and curiously studying. If you see an image you like you can also click it to view and buy the original print.

The calendars really are fantastic quality. They are A3 size and printed on 200gsm satin art paper, so there's plenty of room for writing and the photos look great.

Each month is shown below and you can purchase the calendar by clicking the link at the very bottom of the post. If you have any questions you know the drill... click contact above!


Day 202 - 28th January 2012


Day 223 - 18th February 2012


Day 329 - 3rd June 2012


Day 274 - 9th April 2012


Day 321 - 26th May 2012


Day 345 - 19th June 2012


Day 364 - 8th July 2012


Day 47 - 26th August 2011


Day 96 - 14th October 2011


Day 105 - 23rd October 2011


Day 152 - 9th December 2011


Day 163 - 20th December 2011

Click here to buy the 'One Feline Year' Cat Calendar