New business cards and stickers

News | 31st March 2014

Something I've been meaning to do for a while is to have some business cards printed. I seem to be constantly bumping into people and telling them what I do, then never having anything to hand them so they can go and have a look themselves. I thought it was about time I changed this fact, so I got off my bum and did something about it!

Whilst digital photographs and designs are great to look at on screen, nothing beats having something printed to hold in your hand. I love being able to touch and feel something real. Quality is of huge importance to me too, so the printed materials have to be top notch.

Below are the finished products. Hopefully you'll get to lay your hands on them soon!

The business cards

I love designing business cards, especially when they're my own. These ones are printed on 350gsm premium paper with a beautiful matte finish. There are 25 different photograph designs to choose from too, so you get to take your pick!

Simple, clean design on the details side. Flip them over to see samples of my work. Print detail of text and web address. Details side - single design. Photograph side - 25 different designs.

The stickers

Who doesn't love stickers? These are the first set I've ever had printed up and I'm as pleased as punch with them. Single design vinyl stickers with a glossy finish... smooth and shiny!

Small round vinyl stickers - single design.

If you're interested in having some business cards or stickers designed and printed just get in touch with me.